Creating pages within an environment

Is it possible to create New/Edit pages within a Grav environment?

I currently have a development environment setup, which is all working fine. However when it comes to pages I don’t see any changes being displayed. Only when I edit the existing pages in the production environment these changes are being made.

I had this setup under: user/localhost/pages

So I was wondering, is this the correct way of going about things? Is anyone able to point me in the right direction?


This should be working by default. Can you double check that the browser is not just caching the page by hitting cmd key while clicking refresh button on your browser?

Also you can turn on the debugger and look at the messages tab and see if you get a page cache hit or page cache miss when you create a new folder and .md file for your new page.

I would have thought as much, theres no reason why it wouldn’t be a default workflow of having a separate environment. However, I can’t see what I have missed.

I have double checked my browser isn’t caching the pages, I have even turned caching off within the development environment for the most part. I have also got the debugger enabled. I didn’t receive either the page cache hit or page cache miss messages in the log.

I have been able to create pages within the production environment without any trouble, where these changes are also being reflected on the development environment.

Do you know of a similar setup that I can look at? To see if I can find where I have gone wrong?

Thanks for your help.

BTW, typos before. It should be shift-reload not cmd-reload to force browser to get a fresh copy. Also there is no msg about page cache miss, only configuration checksum. Anyway…

Ok this may sound really crazy, but can you double check your actually adding the pages in the correct place?

I do this all the time myself actually as I have many many Grav installs. I spend ages wandering why I can’t see my changes, only to find out I was editing the wrong grav instance entirely from the one I was pointing to in my browser.

I would suggest downloading the base grav zip, extracting it into your web root, adding a quick 02.test folder and a simple in there. Then without any configuration changes, see if that new page shows up in the menu. Also try the shift-refresh method to see if clearing the browser cache for the page is required.

I do receive the message about Configuration checksum mismatch, reloading configuration…

I’m not 100% sure that I am adding pages in the correct place to be honest, this is my only Grav install. This would be something that I’d do as well to be honest! But as I mentioned previously, I can add pages on the site within user/pages using e.g. 02.hello without a problem. But I would prefer to add different pages within the user/localhost/pages first then move them over. I know this can be done by having a separate local copy and then just sync the files across using Git, but I can’t see why I haven’t been able to get this too work.

I have downloaded a basic version of the Grav install, set everything up with minimal config and created the user/environment environment according to Environment Configuration. I then tried to add a page within /user/ environment/pages and I still didn’t get any results. Moving the page into the default /user/pages works without a problem.

Can you please zip up your entire local site your trying to get working and share with me via dropbox/googledrive/etc ???

Sure, here is the basic grav install that I’ve been trying to get working.

You can also check both and to see how that currently works.

I appreciate you taking the time to look!