Creating a: "This Page was last edited on..." statement

Hello everyone,

I am assuming grav has the functionality to create a page or subpage wide “last edited” statement?

Like this: “This page was last edited on 30 June 2020, at 19:42 (UTC).”

Could someone point me to a section in the Docs where I would find information about this?
I tried looking through them but I couldnt find anything. Maybe I am wording it wrong as well.

I have to say generally I have quite some troubles finding anything by search in the docs, anybody has a similar experience? I usually just find things by guessing in which chapter it could be. Am I doing something wrong?

I hope this topic doesnt violates any rules, sorry if it did.



@eduardeisman, have you tried adding something like the following to one of the templates:

<p>This page was last edited on {{ | date('F jS \\a\\t g:ia e') }}</p>

I think I can agree with you about the docs. Search isn’t that strong…

And above snippet requires the combination of info from several sources, which makes it a tad more difficult.


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No I didnt. But your suggestion works for me!
As usual I was thinking to complicated to even consider “date”.

Thank You :slight_smile: