Creating a custom "product" content type?

Let’s say I want a web site with various products on it. I know a database driven site might be a better fit for this but if I want to do it in grav, does it have support to create a custom content type such as “Product” with fields like:


Product is just an example it could be any custom content type.

From what I’ve read you can put these fields in the header section of a page, is that the best way to do it in grav? I also read something about blueprints, does that apply here?

Is there support for having the data in a json/yaml file and generating the pages on the fly. I wouldn’t have a huge amount of items but it would still be 200 to 300 items so creating 200 individual folders and pages seems tedious

You might want to look into Haven’t used it yet, but it seems to fit your use case.

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