Contents. Rectangles only?

Sites in «checkered shirt" some tired. Is it possible to use a non-rectangular shape? Closer to the printing industry. For example, a structure
Another question. The visitor sees a static page. This page is generated for each visitor again. I’m right or not? Please explain.

Grav doesn’t put any restrictions on the layout of your site. If you can do it with CSS, then you can do it with Grav. You just need to do some googling :slight_smile:

etc, etc.

The pages are heavily cached, so they are not entirely generated each time. Grav is designed with performance in mind, so really this is rarely a problem (unless you have a HUGE site).

However, I’ve been working on a new static page plugin that actually caches the output of pages for even more performance.

Thanks for the answer. Thanks for human relation.

Do not read if this is not possible: I would like to see a template Landing Page to the end of the summer.
If possible. The template contains the universal block (Pic. 1).
Admin. Each block can delete or add a duplicate, move up, move down, replace the color, text and picture.
The block consists of 3 parts. The left, the center, the right. A separate unit - functional. It can insert into any central unit.
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