Contact form not working in Internet Explorer

For some reason this contact form / forms plugin works perfectly in every browser EXCEPT IE on Windows 7. Any ideas what could be the issue? The form is currently live on and also here’s the yaml for it…

    name: contact
            name: name
            label: Name
            placeholder: 'Enter your name'
            autofocus: 'on'
            autocomplete: 'on'
            type: text
                required: true
            name: email
            label: Email
            placeholder: 'Enter your email address'
            type: email 
                required: true
            name: message
            label: Message
            placeholder: 'Enter your message'
            type: textarea
            rows: 6
                required: true
            type: submit
            value: Send
                from: '{{ }}'
                subject: 'Civilvic Website Inquiry | {{|e }}'
                body: '{% include ''forms/data.html.twig'' %}'
            message: 'Thank you for getting in touch!'
            display: thankyou

When I say ‘not working’ there’s an error that shows up saying “Oops there was a problem, please check your input and submit the form again.”

Which IE version? I tried IE11 and I got no problems on Win7.

Also, which theme is that? Does it use a custom form.html.twig template?

Thanks for replying! It’s a custom theme (based on Antimatter) but it’s using the original form.html.twig file unedited – I’m just including it in one of the theme’s template files.

I’ll try and find out from the client which IE version it is. I’m still yet to replicate the issue myself.

Try simply removing that form.html.twig, it should use the core Form plugin one. Also make sure all (grav + plugins) are up to date.

Ok I’ll give that a try - thanks :smiley: