Config-default@: does not work for email field in frontend form

I have a frontend form with an email field, and I would like to prefill it with the user’s email address. {{ dump( }} gives me the address, but putting it in the form doesn’t return anything. My form field definition looks like this:

        type: email
        label: 'Wahlbestätigung an folgende E-Mailadresse schicken:'
        validate: true

What’s wrong with that? I got it from the docs?


Maybe you should try instead of

Yeah no :slight_smile: since I want to show the logged in user’s email. I tried though, and does work as expected. So why not with doesn’t work either…

From the docs I understand config-*@ takes “value from Grav configuration”. I think you should use data-*@, but I’m not sure if it works at all :confused: No matter how I tried to get user data it wouldn’t work:

data-default@: '\Grav\Common\User\User::getProperty("email")'
data-default@: '\Grav\Common\User\User::get("email")'
data-default@: \Grav\Common\User\User::get("email")

And even straight from the docs

data-default@: '\Grav\Plugin\Admin::route'

It just won’t work. Maybe there’s a bug


I don’t know if it’s the best solution, but it seems to work:

  • Create plugin $ bin/plugin devtools new-plugin
    I called it ‘xx’ (yes I’m lazy)
  • In plugin add:
    public static function getEmail() {
       $grav = Grav::instance();
       return $grav['user']['email'];
  • In your form definition in frontmatter use:
    data-default@: '\Grav\Plugin\XxPlugin::getEmail'


  • I guess, you could also add the static function to your theme. And adapt the call… '\Grav\Theme\MyTheme::getEmail'

@pamtbaau, any idea why wouldn’t it work with any of my examples? Or even an example from docs?

Thank you both for your time and ideas! I also thought in the data-default@ direction and tried it almost @pamtbaau’s way, but I missed the $grav = Grav::instance(); bit so I got an error about using $this out of an object context. But with that bit it works fantastically! :slight_smile:

Since I was in a hurry… I solved it in a SUPER HACKY way, but for the sake of maybe helping someone else in a pinch some day, here it is:

public function onOutputGenerated()
    $content = $this->grav->output;
    $tmp = substr($content, 0, strpos($content, 'class="usermail "'));
    // I added the class to the field in the frontmatter, take note of the space
    $cut = strrpos($tmp, 'value=""');
    if ($cut) {
        $tmp = substr($content, 0, $cut);
        $tmp .= 'value="'.$this->grav['user']['email'].'"';
        $tmp .= substr($content, $cut+8);
        $this->grav->output = $tmp;

Butt-ugly, I know! :laughing: