Class "...\Cache\ApcuCache" not found

Hi there,

i got that error after migration on a prod server.
Everything 's ok on localhost AND staging server.

full error :
Class “Doctrine\Common\Cache\ApcuCache” not found


 $driver = new DoctrineCache\ApcuCache();

THanks !

@thom4s, If your localhost is working fine and the staging server is working fine, my first guess would be that the issue is related to the server and not Grav.

When opening /system/src/Grav/Common/Cache.php in VSCode I get the following warning on line 260

$driver = new DoctrineCache\ApcuCache();

@deprecated Deprecated
without replacement in doctrine/cache 1.11. This class will be dropped in 2.0

Not sure if the above is causing the issue though.

Does a fresh default installation of Grav 1.7.34 also throw the same issue?

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Thanks @pamtbaau !

… i find my error… i deploy with git. But i put some cache folder in the gitignore… so the cache folder in the vendors were not deploy.
I’m a idiot :slight_smile: but i learn from my error :slight_smile:


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