Changing Skeleton content

So I’ve installed the grav-skeleton-shop-site Skeleton and that went perfect
So I need to change content. I took one of the existing pages and renamed. Supplied my own graphic and updated the pages MD file. I then deleted the original image.
So it worked - YAY kind of…
When I inspect my image in Chrome Developer Tools its linked to a cached version in the /images folder “brick-mug.jpeg”.
Simple enough - I deleted all the cache folders belonging to /images.
However “brick-mug.jpeg” still shows up as the linked image for my page.
So I powerGrepped the site and there is no reference to "brick-mug"
Understandably I’m a little befuddled - any ideas???

Ok couple of questions:

  1. how did you rename the page? Did you rename the enclosing folder? This really only effects the slug of the page. Was that what you intended?

  2. Did you replace the brick-mug.jpg image with anything else? This particular skeleton package is using some snipcart Twig templates to render, and those are expecting an image.

And some observations:

  1. The images are generally obtained via the page media and these are going to have randomish URLS as they are generated/modfied and cached in the images folder. This ‘might’ point to the same file after you rename the page if the image is unchanged.

  2. When you clear the cache, please use the bin/grav clear-cache method as this is going to do a few things for your. More Info here

This worked -> When you clear the cache, please use the bin/grav clear-cache
Thanks Andy