Change text on 404 page

Hi, all.
I am new to grav and i am trying to personalise the theme…
But i got stuck when i wanted to change the default text in Error 404 page:
“Woops. Looks like this page doesn’t exist.”

Can someone direct me of where to look for this text - i wasn’t able to find it and i couldnt find any hints on this forum…


Hi, dvawolk!
Do you have plugin Error?
Enable it, set 404 route (e.g., /error), change text in users/pages/error/

Hi, underr!
I have the plugin.
The default text does come from but not directly from it…
I didn’t find the origin of
that was in the – where does it get that text

Woops. Looks like this page doesn’t exist.

Any clue?

…Of course i can hard code it to but it would be nice to know it…


It’s in user/plugins/error/language.yaml

Thanks, i did it!