Categories in menu?


I’d like to have a Resources menu with 3 items, one for each category (let’s say Books, Videos, Podcasts). I don’t want to rely on tags, because I would need tags for other purposes (tagging the resources content, place of recording/publishing, etc.)

What’s the easiest way to achieve this? I’m using the Quark Open Publishing theme.

I thought about creating Resources as “blog” page, but I don’t know how to show the 3 subcategories…

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@marcocevoli Just to clarify your needs…

Would you like a menu like this?:


If so, what would you like to happen when someone click ‘Videos’? Jump to blog and show all items with category:video?


Yes, I would. If you click on Resources (I suppose this menu item is clickable too), then you get a page with 3 images/summaries leading to the subcategories. I suppose this can be manually done in the content section of the Resources page.

If you click on the subcategories, you jump to a listing page showing all items belonging to that category.

Thanks a lot for your help @pamtbaau, here and on the other threads. I really appreciate it.

I see multiple possible interpretations of your requirements…

1. First suggestion:
Instead of using taxonomy, my first suggestion is to create nested blogs. Because items are below each type of resource, they can easily be collected using ‘@self.children’ by the child blogs videos, books and podcasts. The hierarchy keeps everything nicely organised.

A disadvantage of this structure is that a blog item can only belong to a single resource type. If items can belong to multiple resources, collections based on taxonomies could be used.

Folder structure:


With files containing:

    items: '@self.children'

You will notice that the menu 'Resources; has nested submenus. If you don’t want nested submenus, you can add 'visible: false' to the frontmatter of page ‘camera’ etc.

2. Second suggestion:
If you don’t want to refer to pages stored (only) below videos/books/podcast but instead want to refer to any page containing a taxonomy field, you can use the following frontmatter in pages video/books/podcasts:

        '@taxonomy.mytaxonomy': videos # or books, podcasts

Where ‘mytaxonomy’ is one of ‘category’, ‘tags’ or any other type (e.g. ‘resources’) added in ‘site.yaml’. The collection will contain tagged pages from inside and outside the video folder.

3. Or a combination of 1. and 2.

        - '@self.children'
        - '@taxonomy.mytaxonomy': videos # or books, podcasts