Blog with posts in multiple categories

Hey there,

I have accomplished the first steps for my blog but now I am a bit stucked. I have pages that are used as categories for my posts but I want posts to be in more than one of these categories. How can I achieve that?

Additionally I want to show all posts on my main page but I could not find out how to do that.

You can see the WIP site at

Use taxonomies and assign pages to several categories, or as many taxonomical identifiers as your heart desires. See recent forum post.

It is just confusing for me. How do I make a taxonomy link as a menu item? And how can I get a clear URL this way? I want DOMAIN.COM/CATEGORY. Seems impossible for me…

I just want to have all posts shown under ‘home’ and the menu items to be like filters. I do not even get home to show all blog posts. The tutorials are very confusing because they show how to do it manually instead of using the backend of Grav.

that category/ route is a folder right? just make sure it’s defined like this: 01.category/. The numeric prefix makes it visible in the menu. Or you could put:

visible: true

In the category page frontmatter.