Can't make it work on Windows 10


I can’t get Grav working locally on Windows 10.
I get home page working, but Typography page gives 404. I import rules from .htaccess in IIS manager and then in home page I get

HTTP Error 500.52 - URL Rewrite Module Error.
The expression "({{|}}|{%25|%25})" contains a repeat expression (one of '*', '?', '+', '{' in most contexts) that is not preceded by an expression.

Googled it and it appears it’s some kind of compression issue. Disabled both Static and Dynamic compressions, but still the same.

Downloaded 1.7.0-rc.20 core only with hope to install admin and other modules using GPM

Any help appreciated. I’m starting to wonder if it’s gonna work on a shared hosting without SSH access simply by uploading files :confused:

Yes, it works, as i’m not using SSH at all…

Have you tried to install the complete package with admin and checking things from the admin panel?

On Win10 i’m using XAMPP with PHP7.4 and it works fine.
grav 1.7.0-rc on XAMPP with PHP8.0 works also fine, but i got some issues with a plugin.

For starting in WIN10 i would suggest grav 1.6.x stable and XAMPP 7.4. When it works all fine you can try upgrading.

Managed to start 1.7 RC without any issue with Laragon (somehow for no particular reason I don’t like Xampp)

Thank you

P. S. I tried Xampp and got cache folder permissions error. No such issue with Laragon

didn’t know Laragon. The package is with php 7.2, can you upgrade to php 7.4.x or 8.0?

Yes, very easy. What I did - download, extract, switch :slight_smile:
I also didn’t know about it until today :smiley: Saw it mentioned in a requirements page