Can't get Contact form to work


I’m working on a website using the Helium Template, I created two contact forms, one in English and the other in Spanish, neither of them work. It worked once before it crashed and now nothing. I don’t even get the data/ information captured by the site. I don’t know what’s going on. Also, it doesn’t go to the thank you page afterwards either. Oh, I’m using Gantry 5 for layouts.


I think the problem is somewhere in the final process where it the plug-in doesn’t seem to be connecting to send the e-mail or save the info. I don’t really know where the connection is to fix it.

Did you find a solution?
I’ve got the same problem, the email plugin is configured correct, tested via CLI command but it looks to me the data from the contact form are not processed and transfered to the email plugin and neither saved in the filesystem.

Hi, I didn’t. I was playing around with embedding a Google Form instead.