Can't create a new user

I’m trying to create a new user using “bin/grav newuser” as the manual states, but when I get to “Enter a password” part, this message keeps reprinting on a new line: “Enter a password: Undefined variable: output” here is a screenshot. Username enters with no problem however! Any idea why this happens?
I have tried two SSH clients: PuTTY and SecureCRT.

Is this on Windows? I know there are some console helpers to help provide the functionality needed to take input. Should work fine on Unix/Mac though.

You can follow the manual approach to create the account YAML file manually if you can’t get it to work.

Well I guessed as much. Manually, sure, but how to hash a password?

Tried on android, same thing :confused:

You put the password in plaintext, then when you login, it is hashed and updated in the yaml file.

Thanks, got it working! But still, strange thing with the script.