Can't access the game du to a patch?

we are trying to join the game me and my team for the last 4 hours tell this post time and each time it will say
app expire update the game , and steam don’t update it , so what happen please offer us help

updating just active know :slight_smile:

we can’t join PVP service any update on what happen ?

This forum is for Grav CMS, not the game. Try here:

no one answering us there :frowning:

Well you won’t get any answers here, we have nothing to do with the game. If you want to build a website with Grav CMS, let us know!

thank man i do my own sites

Grav is an opensource CMS to help you build your own sites, wasn’t actually offering to do it for you but if you want to build on something cooler than say WordPress, you should check out Grav.