Cannot Install Grav - Encoding Problem?

I’m using Laravel Forge to manage a DigitalOcean Ubuntu server. The server is configured with HHVM (PHP 5.6.99), and I’ve double-checked to make sure that all of Grav’s server and PHP requirements are satisfied.

When I upload Grav and access it through my web browser, all I see is a bunch of weird characters (screenshot here), in what seems to be an encoding problem. The weird thing is that doesn’t happen when I access the same copy of Grav on my local machine (I simply cloned the Git repository to the remote server).

Any ideas on what might be causing this? Is there any additional information I can provide to help with diagnostics?

Looks like gzip output to me.

Is there a particular reason your using HHVM? PHP 7.0 is faster and more memory efficient.

I’m not sure how you set things up with HHVM and Apache/Nginx, but I have documented a very solid installation for DigitalOcean

Switching to PHP 7.0 did the trick. I was under the impression that HHVM was better, but never really researched it - thanks for the tip.