Can users access the frontmatter (header)?

Can you store, for example, prices in the frontmatter without having to worry about people changing the prices before checkout?

Things you put in the YAML frontmatter are normally not even visible to a visitor, unless you explicitly display them in the template :slight_smile:

I assumed @joelcastillo meant admin users by “people”. Admin users can see and change frontmatter by default as far as I know.

Pretty sure there are ways to lock frontmatter from certain categories of users or for specified pages though. I don’t know for sure because I rarely use the Admin plugin front end.

It really didn’t occur to me that one would be afraid that site admins will change the product price to buy it themselves… Don’t get me wrong, it’s possible that you’re right, but… But why?

Some Admin users that you might need to allow to edit pages are, ahem, not at Einstein level.

To edit frontmatter via admin panel you have to access “advanced mode” in the editor, no chance to do it by mistake.
Also, I’m not really sure what being stupid really has to do with stealing from your own shop :thinking:

I have experienced levels of stupid you can’t imagine. An unintelligent user can make a bad edit not necessarily by mistake (“oops I meant to do something else”, “oops, I thought that meant …”) and not necessarily with malicious intent.

If we accept the validity of the question. please note that neither of us have provided a convincing answer yet :confused: Do you know if pages can be locked from edits individually or by user group?

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Sorry, my bad. With “people” I meant users, not admins. I will be more clear next time. Thanks for your help!