Can not verify my email account

I recently registered to this forum. Several email re-send attempts in order to verify my email address failed: I didn’t receive any email.

The email account I provided is surely working properly, I tested it.

Can somebody help?

Have you checked your SPAM folder? If not maybe try another email?

It was the first action I took to check my spam folder: nothing arrived. I tried it today about two hours ago with another account, same behaviour, no verification e-mail arrived. I checked the spam folder again. Can somebody check if the email (SMTP) server is working properly? Thanks!

The forum is powered by Muut. Get in touch with them about this issue.

I didn’t find any means to contact somebody at Muut. I do not know if they feel responsible for fixing operations issues. Somebody another idea?

Unfortunately this is a SAS-style hosted forum solution powered by Muut as Flavio pointed out. We don’t have any control over the form software, or the email, or anything like that.

However, they are usually very responsive and sort problems out quickly. You can try their messaging them via their twitter?

Hey @foersu, sorry to hear verification is not working for you. It seems like there are no universal issues going on with those but you could try another email address to see if it’s working, or email us at info(at) and we can manually verify your account.

Please note that your account is usable without verification but I know the red notification banner can be annoying :slight_smile: