Can forms plugin process differently depending on a condition?

I have a simple contact form. I want to add a checkbox to enable someone to optionally subscribe to an email list when they submit the contact form.

Is there a way I can look for whether the checkbox has been checked, and have an additional form action if it has been?

Thanks in advance!

If you are comfortable with PHP, you can create a custom form action.

There is also at least one mailing list plugin that might do this without a custom action, for Mailchimp I think. Search the plugins.

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Thanks for your reply! I found grav-plugin-mailchimp, which is not in the GPM, but works well. I don’t need any extra logic, either, if I just use required_fields: , and reference the checkbox, in the mailchimp form-processing portion. That way, if the checkbox is checked, the mailchimp plugin action is called, and if not, it isn’t.

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