Burger menu in afterburner2?


I’ve been using afterburner2 for my website, but I only realised now. When I shrink the width of my browser, the flat menu is replaced by a burger menu at the right top, which is what I want.

However, when I click the burger menu, nothing happens. No drop down nor other form of menu came up. This issue appears in all the devices I’ve tried (laptop, ipad, android). Can you please help?


@samemiki, Looking at the online demo of Afterburner2, everything seems to be ok… Both wide and mobile screensize.

The only glitch I’ve seen is when I switch to mobile emulation in Chrome, click the burger, close the menu, switch back to desktop, then the burger is dead. A refresh of the page solves it.

@pamtbaau , yes, I saw that in the demo it seems to work well. So, I’m trying to figure out what went wrong with my setting. In my case, nothing happens when I click the burger menu. Do you know where is the behaviour of the burger menu set in Afterburner2 template?

Thanks a lot!

@samemiki, After a quick look, it seems jQuery plugin Slidebars is handling the menu sliding.

Version 0.10.2 (Aug. 2014) is bundled with the Afterburner, but version 2.0.2 (Jul. 2016) is available from the Slidebars repo. You could try and give 2.0.2 a spin.

@pamtbaau Just to make sure I did this correctly. You mean that I should replace the slidebars.min.css and slidebars.min.js in user/themes/afterburner2/css and /user/themes/afterburner2/js with the ones from dist directory in Slidebars 2.0.2 right? I did that, but nothing changes. Any other advice?


@samemiki, Yes, that’s correct.

I went the extra mile and installed Afterburner2 in a fresh install of latest versions of Grav 1.6 and 1.7.

The ‘burger’ is working well on both versions of Grav.

Note that Afterburder2 is not yet made ready for Grav v1.7.0-rc.20 and up. The content will be escaped and requires changes in system.yaml. When upgrading Grav will take care of this.

Last questions:

  • Does the browser show any errors in the console?
  • Did you make any changes to the theme?
  • Does it work on a fresh installation of Grav v1.6.31?