Blueprint data-options@ children

I’m trying to limit the results of a dropdown list to the children of a particular page using something like the following in my blueprint:

data-default@: /the-parent-page
data-options@: ['\Grav\Common\Page\Pages::children', 'default']

But I get the error Using $this when not in object context because I think, I’m calling a non static method with a static call, or something.

Any ideas?

I’d still like to implement this, does anyone know if it’s possible?

I’ve done this the with the ::parents method, but that is a static method.

I don’t know how data-options@ is parsed, but perhaps try substituting :: for -> ??

Also the default parameter value doesn’t seem correct, though I wouldn’t expect this error from that. You should change it to the page path value as per the API docs.

Sorry just some guesses there, I hope you solve it. Try the discord group if you get no joy here.