Blog Post: Multiple posts on one page

Hello, everybody,

Currently I’m porting my Wordpress blog to Grav for many reasons. Since I have an IT blog, I want to make it a bit easier this time.

I’ve seen at digital ocean that you can select multiple distributions in tutorials - so when you open the Debian post, there is a table with the direct link to the Ubuntu and CentOS post.

My question is whether it is possible to do something similar with Grav, because I also have many tutorials for different distributions and like to provide more links here, so that if someone finds the Debian post, but is actually looking for CentOS, here has the opportunity to see if this post is also available for CentOS in my blog.

Also my question if it is possible to create a lexicon in Grav to explain common or difficult terms.

I’m not a web developer, so I would be happy about tips and tricks.

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