Blog Index Page is Empty

I finally cleaned up the front matter on all my manually imported blog post files and all of those syntax errors are gone. But when I go to my main /blog page, I get just the header and footer and a big down-arrow in the middle of the page. I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to see an index/list of my posts.

I’m wondering if it has to do with templates? All the files are named, and the default theme (Quark) says that is the preferred name for blog posts. However, all my imported posts have a front matter setting of ‘Template: single’ - a leftover from when these pages were on Hugo. Should I change that line to something else, or just delete it?

well I tried editing and then deleting the entire Template: line. It didn’t make any difference…

Not familiar with that theme. Your blog listing page (any page) will choose its template based on the template header, and more conventionally by its filename. So will be rendered by the Twig in default.html.twig unless it has a template property in the frontmatter.

Hope that helps.

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It’s the default theme - it came with the Grav + admin download.

OK, found the problem. The first time this didn’t work was due to YAML problems in the blog post files. While I was trying to resolve that, at one point I changed the main blog page from blog to default. When that didn’t work, I changed it back. In the middle of all that I somehow managed to get some extra characters into the Items field under Content Definition - once I changed that back to just ‘@self.children’ everything works as it should.