Blog date and time from header

Hi hive,
sorry for this noob question…

I’m using the soraarticle theme on my site. the blog items always show the date on which the blog item was modified. is there a way to always use the date from the header?

thanks in advance

yes, you can just add in the header:

date: 01/01/2014 3:14pm

then you can replace line 8-16 from blog_item.html.twig with

<div class="blog-date-day">
              {{|date("d") }}
            <div class="blog-date-month">
              {{|date("M") }}
            <div class="blog-date-year">
              {{|date("Y") }}

wow… too easy! thanks a lot!!! and big thumbs up for the fastest reply ever!

In my case it only worked after changing date: 01/01/2014 3:14pm to date: 01/01/2014 3:14