Bin/plugin: No such file or directory

I went this route -
$ bin/gpm install devtools // success

$ bin/plugin devtools new-theme // bin/plugin: No such file or directory

Did some checks -
$ bin/gpm list // lists commands - ok

$ bin/grav list // lists commands - ok

$ bin/plugin list // bin/plugin: No such file or directory

$ php -v // PHP 5.6.21 // ok

Background -
A clean grav install
Running grav in a docker container with
running commands at the bash prompt in /apps folder

Hopeless noob, so any tips welcome

I had something like the same problem when I first started with GRAV. My problems were related to permissions. I am assuming you know a bit about linux, groups and permissions. If you are new to a Linux OS, I would suggest googling the topics and reading a couple of tutorials.

Actually, I continue to get tripped up over ownership and permissions. There is a section in the documentation on this. I have put the commands into a bash file and run it whenever I have some error in Grav, just to eliminate this source of error.

Look in the bin folder and see who owns the file plugin. Each file has both an owner and a group. Since you installed devtools using gpm, the file will have owner:group set to the web server (eg. apache or nginx). In many cases this will be ‘www-data:www-data’, but on another OS I use, it is ‘http:http’.

However, when you are using the command line interface (CLI), you will be logged in as a login user, and not as the web server user. Consequently, you will not have access to the file.

For extensive working with GRAV, the documentation suggests that you set all the files in the Grav directories to ‘person:www-data’ (where person is your login user name, and www-data is the web server.

Also make sure that the files all have the correct permissions. So for directories, it should be 775, and for ordinary files 664. (These allow for rw on owner:group, and search for directories).

If this doesn’t work, some more investigation will be needed.

many thanks, that’s really helpful.