Best way to hide "hero" image on detailed view?

On my blog, using Future theme, I like the way Grav is displaying a big picture on each post on the list post page, but when arriving on a detailed blog post I find it weird that almost the same image is displayed twice. Any advice on the best way to hide the “hero” version of the picture on the detailed view of the blog post?


Just edit the twig file to remove the image.

Thanks. having a deeper look, I now see my misunderstanding. I was believing that the image was coming from page.content but in face it was above in the theme. If that can interest someone, I have changed in my templates/partials/blog_item.html.Twig file, around line 50 at the time of writing :

{% if big_header %}
  {{|first.cropResize(1038,437).html(page.title, page.title, 'image featured') }}
{% else %}
  {{|first.cropZoom(1038,437).html(page.title, page.title, 'image featured') }}
{% endif %}

to :

{% if not big_header %}
  {{|first.cropResize(1038,437).html(page.title, page.title, 'image featured') }}
{% endif %}

Maybe not the best solution but it works :slight_smile:

Glad you solved your problem. It’s wise to follow the instructions I linked to above and separate your changes into a new theme that inherits the old one. That way when the theme gets updated, you don’t lose your changes.

Thanks Perlkönig I had not read the inheritance section, I have created my inherited theme will be easier to keep things updated.