Avoid extra paragraph and possibility to add classes to page.content

I have this code in a template:

<p class="excerpt">
    {{ page.content|raw }}

In the html output I get the following result:

<p class="excerpt">
<p>Content paragraph here...</p>

I’d like to get only one paragraph with its css classes (in this example “excerpt”)

how can I get it?


Hi @pmoreno
how about using a custom theme variable?
otherwise what you can try
1.use striptags twig filter

<p class="excerpt">
    {{ page.content|striptags|raw }}

2. disable markdown process for the entire page
if there are no more markdown on the page
set through admin panel or in page .md file

    markdown: false
    twig: true

Thanks @b.da

It is a good solution if no html tag is included in the content. Otherwise another solution would be to wrap page.content in a div tag.