Authentication: RBAC (Role based access control) in Grav?

Is there a plugin for Grav that enables role based access control (RBAC) ? The purpose is to enable fine-grained autorization (similar as in many CMSs, Operations systems, etc). Permissions and rights are set on groups and pages.

For example, if you belong to a group ‘designers’ you will have only have access to certain pages. While if you’re in the group ‘developers’, you have access to a different set of pages. Well, you get the idea.

Currently the Admin plugin offers these ACL levels, allows some users to only access pages, but not fine-grained to the page level, so you cannot (yet?) say user X can edit pages Y,Z, user XX can edit other pages.

Sounds promising. Looks like the ACL levels control admin and/or site access.

Is it possible to extend these ACL levels to let users ‘view’ instead of fine-grained to the edit levels. ‘View’ will be fine-grained enough for me for now.

Grav looks amazing; I’ve got existing sites in DokuWiki that have outgrown it with the need for structured data, but unless each folder and page can have ACLs applied to groups and users, I don’t think I can make a switch to this. Where is the best place to ask for ACL support on pages and folders, and to contribute to development?

The Admin plugin issues page is probably the place where to discuss such feature

Yeah, is there a way to only allow certain users to view certain pages. For instance A group can only view A pages and B group users can only view B pages.

There is no fine-grained ACL that can limit which pages a user/group can see. You can suggest such feature for consideration.