Aura Authors issue when Grav Caching is ON

This is my first topic here, so I would like to say Hi everyone!
English is not my national language, that’s why I apologize for any mistakes in typing straight away.

Now the problem - just checked on fresh installation of Grav + Aura Authors plugin - nothing more (to make sure that there is co conflict with other plugins)

When caching in OFF in system configuration - everything works fine - If I am editing / creating page I can select from previously created authors (Twig processing is globally on)

But when I turn caching ON - cant chose any author, and when I’m editng page is removing author (on saving - if it was saved previously )

Is there any dependence I need to install, or some settings cause this…? Struggling with this from few days… playing with settings… - It makes my crazy LOL

Hi and welcome! Your English is fine.

I don’t know how to solve your problem, sorry. I would recommend adding an issue to the repository normally, but this plugin has not been updated for over a year and has several unanswered issues. You could also try asking the other Grav “community” on Discord.

I have tried this plugin for a client’s authors and it caused me problems, I can’t remember exactly what though. I found it much simpler to edit the site’s Twig templates to include social media metadata tags which pull information from key page frontmatter. That’s all this plugin does.