Any option for Summary separate from blog Item?!


Do you have any option to set a Summary of the Blog Item separate from the Blog Item itself?!

I come from Drupal 7 & 8, there we have a separate box for summary, OR if empty, it is truncated from Article itself BUT striping all Html…

I can’t find anything similar here…

I started to create my own Theme as based on Bootstrap4 theme’s Templating - and so, I started to design my Article page - the Header was a Link - and I didn’t need an Item Header to be a Link - so I went to blog-item Template - and removed Href;
also - I wrote some CSS for Big image to be smaller & floated, to place Tags nicely, etc…

At the end of the day - I went to look in the Blog listening page - and so I discovered - that Article headers are Not Clickable - because all my HTML I wrote for an Article Item - all that is INCLUDED as is on the Blog listening page - except only Truncated shorter - but now - I need to set Blog listening as a completely separate & different nice Html & template, I need to find how to return Href to Headers in Blog and No Href in Article itself, and lots of similar problems - and I wonder if there really is no easier route…

Also - I am used most typically to set the Intro text itself as different from just the first 400 signs of the article…

@zambala, Didn’t the docs about page summaries provide you a solution?

OK, I didn’t read that; I did see character limiter and I see the === limiter, but thought it anyways includes it in content; good if not…

My other problem still is - how to stripe out all HTML from summaries, I can see in the example articles - some summaries contain Strong or PRE tags, which are not striped out…

My Template problem I solved that I created comletely separate Twig Partial Template, and included that in Blog… instead of using the same Blog-item template.

@zambala, Markdown doesn’t process content inside a block element. So you could wrap the summay inside a <div>...</div>.

Or, if the summary isn’t that long, you might add a summary field to the blueprint of the page and save the summary to the frontmatter. Frontmatter is not being parsed. You could then access the summary using {{ page.header.summary }}

No, actually Documentation didn’t help me;

I am now trying - Grav doesn’t Ignore what was above === tags;

I expected for it to Put Summary on Blog pages, and Hide / ignore on Item page, but this doesn’t happen.

@zambala, So far you have only shared some verbal descriptions which I’m trying to interpret.

To be honest, you’ve totally lost me already in the initial post. I’m afraid it’s all riddles to me and to make things worse, I’m terrible at mind reading…


  • Realise we don’t know what’s in you mind
  • Long stories do not equal clarity
  • Be succinct and specific/accurate in wordings.
  • What are you trying to achieve.
  • Show us step-by-step:
    • What you did
    • Where you did it
  • Show relevant Twig code snippets.
  • Show relevant page frontmatter/markdown

I think I explained exactly step by step, my 1st post was not short nor riddles;

I want a Summary in Blog Listing to be separate from Article/ Item itself, and also - the Isuue - that Blog Listing I expect to be a separate Template, not grabbing the article and shortening it.

p.s. I am not a coder, I am Philosopher & Buddhism activist by education and life profession, and that’s what I make websites for… I don’t know how else you would like me to tell - Summary should be separate from Article - simple.

p.s.s. Very often the first 300-400 signs of my article would be Inline Styles, like style /style tags, or may be I want to begin the article completely differently, from what I want my google description tag to be - so I don’t want my Blog Summary to be taken from beginning of my article, but I want to write a separate piece for my Summary, and the question seems very simple - you have such an option or plugin - or not?!

@zambala, Maybe you’re approaching Grav with the mindset of Drupal. That can be a hindrance in your process learning Grav.

  • Use tools for what they have been designed for
    • Markdown is for writing content only → eg.
      Styles and SEO meta data do not belong to content.
    • Twig is for creating an HTML document → default.html.twig
    • css/scss is for styling the HTML document → style.css
      Styles are not part of the content. See Asset Manager to add style.css to html document.
  • Use frontmatter to define properties to the page, like title, author, publishdate etc.
  • Use frontmatter to add SEO related data. See Meta Page Headers
    title: My Page
      refresh: 30
      generator: 'Grav'
      description: 'Your page description goes here'
      keywords: 'HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript'
      author: 'John Smith'
      robots: 'noindex, nofollow'
      my_key: 'my_value'
    # Content and only content goes here

@zambala , I have no clue about Drupal, but I see, what you like to achieve is a feature that is also available with Contao which I use also for some projects.
Grav does not have such a thing by default, but I think it would not be too hard to implement.
there will be at least the necessity to craft one or two custom templates, and some javascript and/or php code - likely best packed together in a plugin, so, some programming is required.
maybe I’ll look into this and build something similar, when I get time (and motivation) as I find this a useful feature, too.