Align input checkbox in contact-form Deliver Theme


In Deliver Theme, I can’t change margin or padding of checkbox in the contact form. You can see in the screenshots. I’ve tried in several ways, in custom CSS, but I couldn’t change it.

I paste the code where it is:

<div class="form-field  ">
   <div class="form-label"><label class="inline"></label></div>
         <div class="form-data" data-grav-field="checkbox" data-grav-disabled="" data-grav-default="null">
               <div class="form-input-wrapper  ">
                     <input name="data[privacy]" value="1" type="checkbox" id="privacy" class=" " required="required">
                     <label style="display:inline;" class="inline" for="privacy">
                        Acepta la <a target="_blank" href="privacidad">política de privacidad</a>?
                        <span class="required">*</span>

Does someone know how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Solution in post:

Thanks to @tom0360

I am Glad that it worked for you.
Not sure why the CSS on the checkbox is set like that to begin with. I think it picks up the CSS from the other input fields which are set to be much wider.