Agency Skeleton - Changing colors, what am I missing here?

Hello everyone,
I am currently slowly migrating 2 blogs to Grav and I already have 1 theme succesfully customized to my liking, but I struggle at the agency theme at the moment.

I would like to change the yellow color to something more blue-ish and from what I understand I need to change the $primary color to what I want?

I changed it, but it is still yellow.

When I check it with chrome dev tools it shows me the correct color value, but the actual color is still yellow.

So what am I missing here?

Did you recompile the SCSS after you modified the color?

Yes. It is pretty weird that Edge Browser (…) showed the correct color ONCE, after I hit refresh it went back to yellow, even though by checking the resources it showed me the blue color code…

Fixed it. Ubuntu screwed some packages, tried it on a debian droplet, working like a charm now :slight_smile: