Agency new page in menu bar

Hi all,

I would like to add a new page to the menu bar in the agency template without displaying the content of the existing pages. So I want to extend the onepager.

Thanks for any reply

@ihcim1860, I’m having difficulty picturing the desired end result. Would you mind adding a tad more clarity to how the menu should look like and how it should behave?

Also, would you mind sharing what you have tried so far?

The issue is that I currently have 3 pages in the menu (navbar). These are displayed in the Onepager wonderfully under each other.

But now I want to create another page (privacy policy) with a lot of content. But here the text is so long that I want to display this as a single page and not in the main view of the onepager. But the menu item should still be displayed in the navbar. So this would be a mixture of onepager + other single pages.

Since I didn’t get the above with the navbar at all, I tried the whole thing about

<ul class="list-inline quicklinks">

But here I have the problem that a new page opens in which the design is not displayed and I can not get back to the homepage or only through the back button in the browser.

@ihcim1860, There has been a similar post which has a solution. Maybe you can have a look and see if you can refit the solution into your use-case.