[Agency] Diaspora* social link


In the Agency skeleton, how do you make it get a logo of diaspora when you have a diaspora social media link ?

this is my user/config/site.yaml

- title: github
    url: http://github.com
  - title: diaspora
    url: http://sharetodiaspora.github.io/?title=Allo-Brico%20%C3%A0%20#sqy%20%20%20D%C3%A9couvez%20tous%20nos%20services%20sur%20https://allo-brico.bee.wf

I tried to make it with custom.css, but that don’t work :

.social-buttons li:nth-child(2) .fa-diaspora {
  content: "\f791";


ul.list-inline.social-buttons li a i.fa.fa-diaspora {
  content: "\f791";

This content code is for the Diaspora* Astrerix, according to Bootstrap Icons - examples & tutorial while the github icon code is f09b, as seen with my browser inspector tool.

I’ve found out that it’s from the font-awesome.min.css file, so I copy it to my theme folder (/grav/user/themes/mytheme/css) and try to add the diaspora content but it does not work.

EDIT: this is the workaround that suited me :slight_smile:
in the site.yaml :

 - title: asterisk
    url: http://sharetodiaspora.github.io/?title=abcdefghijklm