Admin very slow on private network

Hi all
I try to install grav on a private network ( without external access) have very bit problem when use admin pannel get more timeout and very slow open page.
If use same on a pc that have internet connection all work corret.
Sameone can help?

@ziobelo, On each request in Admin, calls are being made to Grav’s server to check for updates, notifications and feeds.

Now disable notification and news and still work more fast .
There’s same other think I can disable to improve the speed?

@ziobelo, AFAIK, switching the following default settings to false might have an effect on network access and hence performance. You can set these settings using Admin, or in /user/config/plugins/admin.yaml.

  dashboard-maintenance: true
  dashboard-notifications: true
  dashboard-feed: true
enable_auto_updates_check: true
  feed: true
  dashboard: true
  plugins: true
  themes: true

I’m not an Admin expert though since I’m not using it…

on which file find it?

@ziobelo, See my previous reply.

find tks now try if work more fine