Admin plugin 0.3.0 - validation failed error

I have updated some blog pages with success, but now i’m stuck with the following error message when I try to save my modifications : “Validation failed: Invalid input in Process”

I have cleared the cache but I still get this error message.

Do you have some recommendations ?


I have updated my website to grav 0.9.37 and still get this error
I don’t have this error when I switch to Expert mode.

Switch to Expert mode fro this page, or edit the .md file directly and remove the entries for process:. So for example if you have something like:

title: My Page
  markdown: true
  twig: false
  tag: [foo, bar]

Remove the process bit:

title: My Page
  tag: [foo, bar]

I removed the process bit and it works like a charm.
Thanks for the quick reply.