Admin Event Hook for Flex Object


Can you give me the correct Admin Event Hook that I can use to intervene when saving Flex Objects to extend the functionality in my plugin? The “onAdminSave” event does not work for me at this point.
I am looking forward to help!

Greetings, Christiana

I think I found it. It is onFlexAfterSave(), right?

@gdrgdr : I used onFlexAfterSave() function to solve my issue.

    public static function getSubscribedEvents() {
        return [
            'onFlexAfterSave'  => ['onFlexAfterSave', 0],

     * When flex object is saved
    public function onFlexAfterSave(Event $event)
        $type = $event['type'];
        $object = $event['object'];
        //set commit message for flex objects
        if($type === 'flex'){
            //my functions here

@christiana83, Thanks for the follow up on you own question.

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