Additional Markdown

Is it possible to add additional markdown to a .md file? I see that there is a plugin, but that uses a completely different file extension it seems, and is clearly incompatible with the admin plugin. Basically, I want to have a summary markdown area and a content markdown area. The summary will be shown on the parent page, and the content will be shown when the user clicks through. Cheers.

Grav supports the === for breaking between summary and rest of content. As it happens, I just wrote this in a reply to another post, so for example the .md content:

Introduction, for example a paragraph or two.


Rest of content, several paragraphs.

And in twig, I use:

{{ page.summary }}
{% include "forms/form.html.twig" %}
{{ page.content|slice(page.summary|length) }}

So you could just loop over child-pages and only access the summary.

There’s some interesting summary stuff handled by the “Shortcodes” plugin written by @sommeregen:

Looks pretty similar to what your looking for.

Thank you both.