Add plugin exception

I use a the CM3 pi with hard drive.
I’ve recenty moved the main partition to the hard drive. Don’t know if its connected but I get this runtime error whenever I click on the 'add pluginm button.
Everything else seems to work and I can add plugins via command line.

Anybody any ideas?
I don’t know where to look.

@Jerry, A similar issue has been posted just a few days ago…

According post Parameter #1 does not contain array of filenames, the devs are working on it.

Have a look at the following issue at Github:
Improve error from Toolbox\Blueprints\BlueprintForm->doLoad() #2782

Also, someone else has added the same experience as you have to the issue on Github.

If you think your have more relevant info to share, please add it to the issue on Github.

Maybe you could close this issue and continue on the previous post on this forum or Github.

Thanks @pamtbaau. Looks like it has been fixed in rc4, I’ll await release as its not a major issue.