Add logo to deliver theme

I want my company logo placed in users/images to show up on the header left-side (like the standard logo on all websites). I added “logo: \user\images\SandLogoOriginal.jpg” in site.yaml, but only the title shows up as text not the logo.

Looks like the deliver theme doesn’t actually support a logo configured from site.yaml. You could however modify it and put your own logo there:

Thanks. Can you send me an example to add the logo in the base.html.twig and use it in site.yaml?

Really it’s just HTML at this point, you can’t do that?

Boom… got it :slight_smile: Thanks.

SOLUTION (adding it for reference)::

{{ }}

{% block social %} {% include 'partials/social.html.twig' %} {% endblock %}


{% block social %} {% include 'partials/social.html.twig' %} {% endblock %}

Entry in site.yaml
logo: /user/images/SandLogoOriginal.jpg

Glad you sorted it out. Really wasn’t too hard right? :slight_smile:

Hi Guys,

Thanks for adding this answer…this helped me to add a logo to this template also.

Thank you very much guys !