Add forum PHPBB to GRAV

Good day to all! Is it possible to add forum PHPBB to GRAV? On my old “handmade” site I copied forum folder and created a link like this: “” in the menu. But with GRAV this way is impossible.

I want to get link “forum” in the main menu, so I have to add folder “forum” to the “user/pages”. But how to explain to GRAV that by clicking the link “” it has to open the forum files?

Welcome to the Grav community @Gray_and_Big!

You can create a normal Grav page and set it up so it redirects to your forum.

Read about using Headers / Frontmatter and specifically Redirect in the Grav docs. Also lots of questions and answers can be found by searching this forum.

If you still need help please post what you’ve done and we’ll be happy to help you further.

Thanks a lot for your answer! I tried this solution: in the file “site,yaml” I added lines

/forum:  '/forum'

This method works for simple site with one language, but not for multilingual site. For example, this code “/ru/forum: ‘/forum’” does not work. I will try your solution to solve this problem. May be GRAV is too difficult for me :slight_smile: