Add codemirror editor into Features admin form

Is it possible to add the code editor into the features.yaml blueprint file in place of the textbox?

I’ve tried everything I can think of, I can get the editor to display, but it parses raw data, I can get it to parse markdown, but the results are stored in the main editor!!!

Someone please put me out of my misery, I’ve been on this for many hours.

you just have to add a filter markdown if you want it to be parsed.
example: {{ page.header.examplefield|markdown}}

Thank you sooooo much. It’s easy when you know how!!
This isn’t a snipe in any shape or form, but the Grav documentation (IMHO), could be a lot better. This simple issue caused me hours of frustration because I couldn’t find an answer.
Again thanks for your help.

@skimberley can you point me a good place where you’d want to read this information in the docs, and I’ll add it

Sorry for the very late reply, but maybe it could go here: