Access to Terminal for CLI


I just began to play around a little with Grav. So far I quite like it.
The only thing I don’t quite understand is the need for access to the terminal.
So far I managed to go around that but now I’m looking into the user management and to create users apparently the only way is using the terminal.

Now this is al fine if you are hosting your own webserver I guess.
But I buy my webspace from a webhosting company.
So as far as I know I don’t have any access to any terminal.
Or am I mistaking?

Are there any plans to improve the user management? Maybe trough the Admin Panel?

Good shared hosting providers usually allow terminal (SSH) access. You can ask them.

You can still create users via FTP by editing the files directly, like shown here - the command line is just a tool that creates the actual user file.

A visual interface for user management will be added to Admin Pro