About the Archive category

This category is an archive of the previous Muut forum. It’s locked down so you can’t edit or reply to messages here, it’s simply to retain a copy of the previous contents of the forum.

As Muut was a hosted forum solution and used a federated single-login system, it was impossible to get an export of the forum that contained users with their email addresses. As the email address is the unique identifier in Discourse forum, we were unable to create valid discourse accounts associated to the Muut posts. Rather than creating many accounts with invalid emails that would render them unrecoverable, and the usernames unusable, we decided to just create a generic “Muut” user account to associate with all the posts.

What this means is that all the Muut posts are available in the archive, and are searchable, but their authors are simply “Muut”. This was the best compromise to ensure that you could signup with your preferred user and still have access to the previous information.