A plugin that can manage software licenses

Do you have a plugin that would allow someone to manage software licenses via their website? The software would reside on the user’s local computer (windows, mac) or maybe another webhost. Then I could call to my website grav program with a function in the desktop program using http\https to check stored credentials. It returns values that the license is still valid and continues to work.
There would be a front end to this plugin (web-based) that allows me to manually add licenses, edit license details, add or remove fields, etc But it could also be such that a shopping cart could auto-add a license also after a purchase.

  • is this as secure as using a database? I’m trying to see any disadvantage to doing this.
  • Would it be easy to mirror the license check across multiple servers?

I saw that the grav admin credentials were stored in a single .yaml file, so I figured with a little more sophistication it could be used as a license manager.

There is no plugin that I know of that does this. It would require the development of a custom plugin.