404 Not Found other than homepage

The homepage is working fine. But another page not showing. Its says Not found 404.
Please help me. I tried .htaccess but still not solving.

Not Found
The requested URL /croy/publications was not found on this server.

Please provide a lot more information if you want help with this. For example:

  • your level of experience
  • what you set up and the steps you took
  • which operating environment
  • which pages you set up (especially the broken one)
  • how you created your link to the broken page

No-one, especially someone helping voluntarily, wants to have to ask you all of this. It’s up to you to make the question easy to answer.

Also, you’ve submitted the same question twice. If possible (I’ve never tried), see if you can delete the other question.


Did you base your .htaccess off the sample provided with your Grav install under webserver-configs ? Someone recently posted the same problem in Slack and that’s all the problem was.