404 error on the first time you click on a link

Hi -the first time I click on any of the links on the NavBar I get a 404 error. The second time I click on those links the page renders properly. I’m encountering this error after I uploaded the template to the web server (didn’t have this issue running on MAMP so I wonder if this is related to server performance).

Problem can be replicated if you go to www.okacapital.com and click on any of the links in the navbar (about, for example).

Any idea on how to fix this?

you appear to be suffering from pretty standard rewrite issues.

I just took off the comment from the rewrite code and now it works like a charm. I saw that on the troubleshooting page but overlooked it since it was happening only sporadicly (and I suppose the 404 error from that server is custom do I thought it was a grab 404).