Why twice the same files with same content in config?

We have set up now several sites with Grav but always the config files gets created one time under user/config and another time under user/my.domain.tld/config - can those in user/config be deleted?

Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 17.02.02

@Andi, Are config files really being replicated over multiple folders?

There was an issue with Grav < 1.7.21 about the creation of redundant security.yaml files in folder /user/<domain>/config/. That issue has been fixed in Grav 1.7.21

Replication of files created below /user/config into /user/<domain>/config is new AFAIK. Can you reproduce it on a fresh install of Grav 1.7.23?

Also please note the existence of Environment Configuration. For any config file, Grav will first search in folder /user/env/<domain>/config and then /user/config for overrides.
This way you can have different configurations for development and production.

We are checking for updates daily and all sites run actually from the folder user/my.domain.tld/config and not from user/config which holds outdated files as all updates made also go to the one in the folder with the domain name. While in the user/config folder are some files which did not get copied or created in that “domainname”/config folder

@Andi, I’m afraid I do not quite understand your reply on the config files…

I presume that the part on Crowdin should be added to the other thread about languages?