Video Gallery / Video Portfolio

Is there a way of creating a portfolio or gallery with videos hosted on youtube in grav

The short answer is yes :slight_smile:

Really all you need to do is have a page with some frontmatter that contain an array of videos you want in your portfolio/gallery, then in your twig that renders the page, iterate over the array and display the videos with the appropriate tags. It really couldn’t be simpler.

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What is the tag for adding a youtube video or video embed to front matter?,

title: Portfolio
menu: portfolio
title: Dreams
subtitle: 'Website Design’
layout: default
modalid: 1
date: 1405641600
img: dreams.png
thumbnail: dreams-thumbnail.png
alt: image-alt
projectdate: 'April 2014’
client: 'Start Bootstrap’
category: 'Web Development’
description: ‘Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, usu cu alterum nominavi lobortis. At duo novum diceret. Tantas apeirian vix et, usu sanctus postulant inciderint ut, populo diceret necessitatibus in vim. Cu eum dicam feugiat noluisse.’

Not really following you. if you have a video file in your frontmatter, then just putting:


Would be enough to render a simple <video> tag