Vela theme frontend login

To my happy surprise the “Vela” theme revealed a built-in frontend login form when clicking the Title above the menu.
But that function disappeared when I changed the hierachy/added pages in the menu. Or when I changed the words in the title.
I never noticed when and where in the proces.
Anyone having an idea how to find this function in the theme?
(Or, how to in a relative simple way to establish a frontend login for non-admin users?
I cannot get the grasp in the grave-learning tutorials part about how to do thus.
Still, that Vela function now disappeared, seemed quite ideal.
Thank you!!

@hotel, I haven’t been able to find that login functionality when clicking on the title in the menu.

According the template ‘/user/themes/vela/templates/partials/navigation.html.twig’, the title should point to the home page of the site.

<div class="flex-container">
    <a href="{{ base_url == '' ? '/' : base_url }}" class="sidebar-brand">
         {{ config.theme.title_in_menu }}

I also cannot find any reference to login functionality when reading the README of the theme.

Anyway, to force the user to login when accessing a page, add the following to the header of the page:

    site.login: true

See Create a private area for more information.

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Absolutely right, Pamtbaau. Thats not a function in the theme, I realized its a product of my own hazardous experiments with settings trying to understand them.
I even ended up, unfortunately I didnt screengrab it, with a loginbox equipped with the inputforms from the comment plugin.
For now have s solution where a login is directed by a http link to the adminlogin page. It works ok. Thanks for helping out!